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4 Platforms for My Favorite at Home Workouts

Updated: May 14, 2020

I used to not do super well working out from home or without a structured plan to my workout. Through this quarantine, working out is what has helped me stay sane. So, I figured out real quick how to work around the situation without having access to a gym. I have three workout platforms that I have rotated through and I wanted to share them in hopes that they could benefit or motivate others to workout during quarantine or even after.

Ultimate Athlete – my tried & true gym at home.

These people are like family to me. Randy and I have known the owner & the trainers for 8+ years. Ultimate Athlete has two locations in the Lake Norman/Charlotte area. UA trains everyone from up and rising athletes to professional and olympic athletes and people like me who are stupid enough to do these workouts even though I am not an athlete.

Last summer I had an internship at the gym and was given the opportunity to record the demonstrations of the workouts for their online platform. Not knowing the pandemic was going to happen, UA released an online platform through TrainHeroic to give athletes the opportunity do their daily workouts even from afar. Now this is the perfect platform to still have the access to their daily workouts from home.

They also offer Zoom classes twice a week to workout in a trainer led group setting.

These workouts are no joke and as much as I love UA, I am not a runner (and they know that.) So the days that I want to lift with a barbell, weights and do a circuit, their workout are perfect. Randy and I have really enjoyed our outside lifting days.

To get signed up for their Ultimate Athlete Online workout program contact them at

Sculpt Society

On the days that I am not barbell lifting and I don’t want to run, I have discovered a new workout platform that I L O V E. Megan Roup is the creator of the Sculpt Society and I am now a huge fan of hers. She is so encouraging and makes her workouts fun even though they kick my butt.

She offers workouts ranging from a quick 5 minute abs to a 45 minute full body with dance cardio included. Some days I have found myself working out in the morning and then doing a 30 minute dance cardio in the afternoon.

You won’t know what your missing out on until you try it! These workouts can be done from anywhere. With the quarantine she is even doing live workout videos from her apartment in New York City!

This morning my friend and I did a virtual sculpt society workout together through FaceTime.

The Sculpt Society even offers a free two week trial, go check it out!

Pure Barre

Another workout platform I tried out during quarantine was Pure Barre. I had never done Pure Barre before and they offer at home classes on their “Pure Barre GO” platform so I thought I would try it out.

This is another workout that kicked my butt and strengthens muscles that I didnt even know existed. The workouts are total body workout focused on low-impact/high- intensity movements that improve strength and flexibility for everybody. Randy has even done the workouts with me.


CompTrain is a website I was introduced to at the beginning of this time and they are a great platform for at home workouts. The prescribed daily workouts are mainly CrossFit type circuits, I like how with each workout there is a “with equipment” workout and a modified “no equipment version”.

I hope this can be benefit and encourage anyone that reads it. Just a few suggestions on my favorite workout platforms.

If you need some encouragement or want a buddy, I also enjoy workout partners even if it’s through FaceTime!

(None of these posts are sponsored, they are all just my opinions through personal experience and what works for me)

xoxo Caroline

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