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5 Month Update

Updated: May 14, 2020

We are in the time frame of living here that years later in life we can say, “oh yeah! I lived in Germany for 5 months,” and it sounds cool!

Our last update we were coming off of our crazy travel month in December spending time with family. Where has the time gone, it’s already March! How is that possible?! Have you seen all the memes that say January took years to get through and February went by in just a few hours? Isn’t that the truth!

Since our last update, we got a car & I named in Luigi the Lupo!! We are so grateful for a set of wheels as it has completely changed our way of living here!

At the beginning of February was the Super Bowl. We had a very different but memorable experience watching this Super Bowl, European style. The Spartans put on a Super Bowl viewing party at the local movie theater. The players wore their pads and jerseys and got to introduce spectators to the game of “American Football.” 500 people came to watch the game at the theater, these are some dedicated fans considering kick off didnt begin until 12:30am. Now we can officially say we watched the Super Bowl in German in a movie theater. Pretty cool experience!

I just got back from a girls trip to Paris & London with my mom and some sweet friends. Oh how refreshing that was! 2 days before we moved to Germany I was at breakfast with my mom and her friend celebrating my mom’s birthday. They got the idea to plan a girls trip to come visit me in the spring! Flights were booked last October and now the trip has already come and gone!!!

We had the time of our lives & made the best memories!! Paris is always so beautiful and this was my first trip to London, which is now one of my all time favorite places. I will try to get around to writing a blog post on our itinerary for Paris and London soon!


Randy is full swing into football season, we are super pumped as the schedule was released this week! I am going to find a way to livestream the games to make sure all of our people back home can cheer the Spartans on! There will be more info on this soon…!

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 7.14.20 PM

Next weekend (Saturday the 14th) is his first scrimmage. He has football camp at the end of March. Then April is game month!! Only 7 weeks until the first game!!!


It is still very rainy, gray, and cold here. We have seen a little bit of snow here and there, we are told this was a pretty mild winter, snow wise, I’m not complaining! We are really looking forward to some warmth and sunshine. I looked back on photos when we first moved here in October and kinda had forgotten what it was like sunny and “warm” here. Everyone says the summers make up for their winters, I am holding them too it!


The coronavirus… yes we are very aware of this. Germany’s numbers have jumped significantly in the last week. We and the rest of the Germans have stocked up on supplies and canned foods incase anything were to happen and we are washing our hands tons and attempting to not touch our face.

(This is a photo of the pasta isle last Monday)


Please be prayerful for our health. I know this is a concern for everyone as there are so many unknowns and the virus is everywhere. It is just starting to hit closer to home for us as there are a few official cases in our town.

This time last year was the whole “Hungarian healthcare experience” you can read that story HERE. We are trusting God and the German healthcare but I rather not experience anything like this again if we don’t have too.

I don’t know how many saw my post about us trying to get into a US military base to grocery shop for American food. That never happened, but we did find two American “grocery stories” about an hour and a half away in Munich. If we are feeling nostalgic and missing home we might make a trip there. Everything is junk food & a box of cereal cost 10 euro, but it makes us feel at home!


Word on the street is that Ulm is getting a 5 Guys in April so we are super looking forward to that!

That’s about it from us right now.

Until next time, “Tschüss”!

-Caroline (an American living in Germany)


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