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The only way this was able happened is through God. One month ago I posted that Randy was retiring. That decision took weeks, so for the past two months Randy has been in a mindset that his career in playing football was over. We were at peace with this decision and were looking forward to the future to see all that the Lord has in store.

I did say to my parents though, "I don't want to move anywhere, but if the Copenhagen Towers called we would leave tomorrow." Well... THE COPENHAGEN TOWERS CALLED!

If you are new to our lives in the last few years, Randy played for the Copenhagen Towers back in 2018. Not only did he just play, but he also won 2 championships with the Towers. The Northern European Championship (NEFL) and the Mermaid Bowl (the Danish Championship).

Copenhagen is one of our most favorite places. The city is unbelievable in itself but not just that, the people are amazing! We fell in love with Copenhagen, Denmark & the Towers organization.

A few weeks ago the Towers reached out asking if Randy would have any interest playing for them again. As I said in the beginning, this is only something that God could have made happen.

This was an opportunity that is very tempting and really difficult to turn down... but, Randy and I have already gone through the emotions of thinking football was over and we feel pretty rooted back in the States.

EXCEPT..."if the Towers called we would leave tomorrow."

After much prayer, consideration and some awesome conversations with people very close to us and that support us greatly we made the decision to move BACK TO COPENHAGEN.

Some more detail, I say "we", but me, being Caroline isn't exactly going full time. We don't have all the exact details yet but we do have a rough timeline on what the season will look like.

Randy will arrive sometime in early March. I still have a job back in the US and most likely won't have a visa so I will go early May. We aren't too thrilled about the long distance but we definitely have some practice and I am going to try to go visit for a week in April to break up the time apart. Then we both will live there for the months of May and June. We should have a midseason break from the beginning of July until the middle of August. Randy will return in the middle of August and I will go back in the beginning on September and we will stay to finish out the season in October! (This is all tentative because ya know, COVID)

If Randy were to arrive March 1st and the season end October 9th, Randy would live there for roughly 190 days and I will live there for 90 days. That is the allotted time that I am allowed to be in the Schengen without a visa. 90 days within a 180 period. We will make it work and there's no way some time apart was going to effect Randy not embracing this opportunity.

Thank you for all the love and support over the years. We greatly appreciate it and it is deeply felt!

Welcome back #5!

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