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Life Back in America

Updated: May 14, 2020

Wow. We have been back in America for over month now.

I actually had a flight booked to fly back home for 10 days in April. If none of this would have happened, I would be home right now.

There isn’t too much to write an update on. We are living life pretty much like the rest of the world is, quarantined and trying to stay sane.

We have been asked a few times where we are living… We have been so blessed to be able to live in my parents “guest house/the little house.” This is actually where we lived for a few months after we got married last year, before moving to Germany. So it was a perfect place to come back to it and have all of our stuff here.

We self quarantined for two weeks once we arrived back in the states and that was right at the same time that the rest of the US started to do the same thing. We have been able to see our families and a few friends (from a distance). We are thankful for some warm weather and long walks.

Our days consist of the same routine things. Within the first week of being home, I went through every drawer and cabinet in the house. Now we spend our days working out a lot, I’m thankful to awesome platforms that give us great home workouts! (I also just discovered my dad has a barbell and weights so our home workouts just got a major upgrade!) I have attempted to bake all the things I wanted to try but never took the time to. Randy is studying for his health and life exam to become an insurance agent. Then at night we have been binge watching “Scandal.” Exciting life in the Schroeder house hold.

Randy’s younger sister contracted the coronavirus at the very beginning of April… but we are so relieved that she is on the mend and feeling better! We are thankful that as of right now none of our other family members or ourselves have shown any symptoms. I am really interested to get the antibody test and see if there was any chance we had the virus but never showed any symptoms.

Who knows when all of this craziness will end, but I look forward to that day because I miss the normalcy of life at home (it’s been 7 months since I have been to La Unica or Jeni’s ice cream… If you know, you know.)

I am trying to enjoy the calmness of life right now though, because one day this all will be over and we will forget what was like to be home for a month straight and complete all the things done on our to-do lists.

Praying for the lives of all the people that this virus is closely effecting.

Stay healthy & home. If you’re bored feel free to zoom call us and we would love to play Code Names.



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