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Newspaper Interview

Updated: May 14, 2020

This past week Randy and I were interviewed by a local newspaper. The journalist came across my blog and wanted our view point of Americans living in Ulm.

Here’s the link to the article & bellow is the translation in English 😊

This US couple blog about life in Ulm and Neu-Ulm Footballer Randy Schroeder and his wife Caroline have been living in Neu-Ulm since October. Online, they report on their everyday lives in Germany.

Randall and Caroline Schroeder have a new favorite: Kässpätzle. The newly married couple from the USA came to the Swabian-Bavarian taste. Since October the Schroeders live in Neu-Ulm. The background: Randall, called by everyone “Randy”, has signed a contract with the Spartans. In the Neu-Ulm football team, the 25-year-old plays in the position of quarterback and is also a member of the coaching staff.

Randy Schroeder: quarterback at the Neu-Ulm Spartans

The “Adventure in Germany” is a dream come true for both of them. “It’s one of our favorite countries in Europe,” says Randy, who has already run aground for Copenhagen Towers in Denmark and for Ostrava Steelers in the Czech Republic. His wife agrees with him: “We wanted to seize the opportunity to live in Germany.”

While Randy was warmly welcomed by his teammates and quickly got his bearings, Caroline struggled in the first weeks: “I caught a cold right at the beginning of our stay, was in bed and was homesick. But then I got up again. “Meanwhile, she has a part-time job, working as social media coordinator for the Spartans. A good start, as the 23-year-old emphasizes. Caroline has studied “Sports Broadcasting” and is currently seeking a full-time position in the region. “I, too, have settled in well,” she says.

Blog: The life of the Schroeders in Ulm and Neu-Ulm

In her spare time Caroline writes on her blog “Caroline K. Schroeder” about life in the German double city. She shares impressions, reports together with her husband from everyday life. “The highlight of the first few weeks was the ascent of the Ulm Minster,” she emphasizes. Randall adds: “The view is amazing.” In addition, there are many little things that inspire the Schroeders: for example, the already mentioned Kässpätzle, baked goods such as pretzels or pizza bread and the magnificent decoration of the Christmas market Ulm. “Such an event does not exist in our home country – Charlotte, North Carolina. We are looking forward to the first mulled wine, “says Caroline.

Others find the two quite strange: closed shops on Sunday, payment barriers in public toilets, the length of some German words.

Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft. “I think I would need ten years of lessons to say that,” says Caroline with a laugh. Incidentally, the widespread prejudice in the US about the pronounced unfriendliness of the Germans can not be confirmed by either of them: “Whether in Ulm or Neu-Ulm – so far everyone has always been nice to us,” says Randy.

Great coincidence: Randy’s sandbox friend lives in Ulm

The athlete had an extraordinary training experience a few days ago: his coach told him about a colleague from nearby Randy’s hometown. When Randy heard the name, he could hardly believe it: It is one of his sandbox friends, who now lives with his wife and daughter in Ulm. “I could not believe it, says Randy,” the world is that small! ”

Randy’s contract with the Spartans runs until next August. Already he can imagine an extension very well. He even speaks of several years he wants to spend in Neu-Ulm. It would fit in any case, says Caroline: “We both have German ancestors.”

Thank you for the great article Alexander Kern, with SWP.

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