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One Month in Ulm

Updated: May 14, 2020

Crazy to think about the fact that we have lived in New-Ulm, Germany for an entire month (and a week). Randy and I still look at each other and say, “Wow. We really live in Germany!” Coolest craziest thing.

To be honest the first few weeks were pretty bumpy. Which was expected, but I also did better than I thought I would have. I miss America and we sure do miss our people but we are fully embracing this opportunity and so thankful to be here together!

Football has been going really well. It has been such a good thing that they brought Randy and I out here during the winter training time. We can already see great progress and Randy is able work closely with the team and help grow the program even more. We couldn’t be more appreciative to everyone that is apart of making our life here happen.

We’ve been able to get a good workout in thanks to the Trendy-One gym, a sponsor of the Spartans. We sure do miss UA and our gym family and I get some pretty funny looks doing an AMRAP with wall hand stands but going to the gym is one of our happy places because it makes us feel at home.


Last week I got hit pretty hard with the flu… But I had the sweetest best care taker. It’s not fun being sick but being sick in a foreign country adds a whole new level. I am still recovering but so thankful that is behind me. Please pray for Randy’s health as well and that he won’t catch what is going around.

Last weekend we got to host our very first visitors for a quick few days! It was so great to spend quality time with the sweetest friends that life doesn’t allow us to see too often. How crazy is it that the Wheeler’s live in Hawaii and we are from North Carolina and somehow we were able to hangout together in Ulm, Germany. We got to show off the beautiful city we live in, play blacklight 3D mini golf, eat yummy food, and they even climbed the 768 stairs to the top of the Münster spiral that over looks Ulm. You can even see Austria and Switzerland in the distance. It filled our hearts so much to have them visit. Until we meet again…♥️


This week God has shown himself so big so I couldn’t hesitate to share! He sure does answer prayers in the best ways!


We got out visas!!! This is something we have been praying so hard for. Especially after everything Randy went through in the Czech Republic. We are so appreciative to the team and all the hard work put forth in making this happen. We have the paper that says we have our visa and in roughly four weeks we will receive our little plastic cards that make us officially official.

Right after we got home from the visa office, Randy received an email about teaching English to a business in Ulm. He will start that in the middle of November.

Also, I have meeting on Monday for a possible job opportunity! Really exacting stuff to come. There will be more info on that as it develops!

More fun news,

Since we only got to pack six suitcases to move our whole lives over here, we didn’t get to really bring a blender or any house appliances. So, once we got our visas and officially knew we are able to stay, we ordered some kitchen appliances. Today we received a blender, a crockpot and a mini-oven! Needless to say, we are pretty pumped about it!!

Another crazy God thing. Randy has a coach that mentioned someone in his office at work was from South Carolina and played defensive back in high school. He was going to try to get him to come out to a practice. Well, a few days later Randy receives a call from this coach with a familiar voice on the other end of the line. This said person from SC was not actually from SC but North Carolina. Get this, he and Randy grew up in the same neighborhood in Cornelius!!!!! They were childhood friends but lost touch when they went to separate high-schools!!! Now he lives here in Ulm with his wife and two year old daughter! Talk about a SMALL WORLD!!!!

Some other random pictures,

Here’s an adorable German restaurant that we ate dinner at last week. A staple German meal in the Bavarian region consists of Schnitzel and Swabian spaetzle noodles. We of course added French fries and topped it off with homemade ice cream! Consisting of six different flavors, Kiwi, watermelon, coconut, Christmas chocolate, yogurt and spice cookie, the ice cream was so yummy!!


That’s about it for us right now. It’s been very cold and rainy here. But, what’s new? Yesterday we made a trip to Ikea and got some fun winter decorations. This weekend consists of football, working at the theater, cleaning house and cooking in our new appliances!

Until next time. Thanks for reading our update. We so appreciate all the support and continued prayers.

“Tschüss” – bye


Caroline (an American just trying to live in Germany)

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