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Prague Travel Guide

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Prague seems like a hidden gem of go-to places to see in Europe. Since Czech Republic is so far east in Europe, it seems to be as if sometimes Prague is looked over on places to visit, make sure this doesn't happen in your planning. Prague is a must!!!

I have been to Prague three times. Twice in March and then again in December of 2019. All three times it was freezing! I would love to visit again when it is warmer but for now here is my travel guide for Prague even in the cold.


All three times I arrived into Prague I was coming from Munich, Germany. I have flown out of the Prague airport back to the US.

I've never used the public transportation in Prague. Instead our ways of transportation were by Lime Scooter or the Hop On Hop Off buses.

Places to Stay:


I have only stayed in Airbnbs during my time in Prague. However, if I can give any hotels suggestions make sure to stay near "Old Town," that is the center of Prague with some of the major tourist attractions.

Places to Eat:

  • Agave – Mexican restaurant

  • Bohemia Bagel - Great for breakfast

  • Café Savoy - The most beautiful cafe for breakfast. Yummiest food!

  • Hard Rock Cafe - American food

  • Mama LucyMexican

  • Mlejnice – Located in Old Town, traditional Czech food. 

  • Obecni DumStop for coffee and cake after you go to Old Town Square

  • Radost Great brunch place

  • Terasa U Prince Beautiful view. Located across from the astronomical clock

  • U Bulinu - Authentic Czech food

  • Vapiano - This is one of our go to's in Europe. Funny enough, they have one of these restaurants in Charlotte. The best pasta, pizza and salad. After you've been traveling around in a foreign country with foreign food, you'll want something familiar and this is the place to go, sometimes we will eat at Vapiano's multiples in the same city.

  • Trdelnik - This isn't a restaurant but you'll see stands for this dessert everywhere. My most favorite are the ones with apples inside but they can have anything inside from chocolate, ice cream, cinnamon sugar or nuts. You didn't go to Prague if you didn't eat a Trdelnik.

  • Twisted Potatoes on a stick - We stumbled upon a stand at the bottom of the hill exiting the Prague Castle. It's a glorified potato chip/french fry.

Things to Do:

  • Astronomical Clock

  • Charles Bridge - The bridge is always crazy busy packed! Walk on it once to say that you did, but the best view is to the left of the bridge on the Old Town side near the Novotného Lávka. You can see Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle in the same view.

  • Clock Tower – Make sure to see it at the top of the hour

  • Dancing House

  • Jewish Quarter - Go through all the synagogues and cemeteries

  • John Lennon Wall

  • Letena Park - Walk up all these steps to a metronome

  • Old Town Square

  • Prague Castle

  • Petrin Hill – Go to the Labyrinth

  • Top of the TV tower

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