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Two Months in Ulm Update

Updated: May 14, 2020

Here we are, already two months spent in Germany (on Tuesday)! Super crazy, that was the fastest but also the slowest two months.

Not too much has really changed in our daily lives since my last update. Our weeks consist of trips to the gym, football practice, grocery store trips, the theater and a few German lessons here and there.

I enjoy the nightly task of experimenting with a variety of dinners. I think Randy can agree to this, I have only failed at one meal. That’s pretty good since I am having to Google Translate all the labels in the grocery store. Our meals consist of a lot of chicken, pasta, breakfast items, Asian food and chicken noodle soup.

If you didn’t see my previous blog post about the newspaper, Randy and I were interviewed a few weeks ago about our outlook as Americans’ living in Ulm. Well, last week Randy had his first day teaching english and a lady said she saw him in the newspaper. Then, we went to the post office and the lady working behind the desk kept staring at us then said something in German. We apologized because we couldn’t understand and she said, “I saw you in the newspaper today.” Pretty funny!


This past week has been crazy, last week I got a call about a potential job interview for an inside sales positions for a company located in Ulm. After a phone interview and two in-person interviews, everything went very well. Now we are just trying to iron out the final details. I’ll give an update on this when it is all final! Prayers for my decisions would be greatly appreciate!

A funny story about my interview…I feel like this explains living abroad perfectly. So, I still don’t know the bus system super well. I can get from point A to point B but sometimes I am sprinting not to miss the bus or other times I have a 15 minutes wait. It’s always a hit or miss. Well, my interview was at 3pm (15:00) on Thursday and I knew I did not want to be late. From our house I had to walk to the bus station, get on a bus, take it to the main train station, get on a tram, then walk a few blocks to the office. Not to terrible of a commute, Randy had to work so I had to do this alone. I didn’t want to risk being late. So, I decided to take the 14:02 bus that would put me there at 14:28. I knew I would be super early, but just in case anything happened and I missed the bus or got lost I wanted to make sure I had enough time. Everything went smoothly and I had 30 minutes to kill. I have only been to the office once so I don’t know the neighborhood well and they don’t really have a waiting area. I didnt see a coffee shop nearby so the only place I knew to go was the laundry mat. So, that is exactly what I did! I sat in the laundry mat to kill time before I walk to the office only getting there 10 minutes early.


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite holiday. I mean how can it not be? I love time spent with family and friends. It also revolves around food, football and shopping! You just can’t beat it!

Well, I had never really thought about this before, but, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is just celebrated in the US. This is the hard part about living abroad. I was super bummed to be away from our people this day… It was just a normal day in Germany. I had my job interview and Randy had football practice. But that evening I wanted to make it as special as I could for us. This was our first married Thanksgiving together!

Randy bought me beautiful flowers from the market for our Thanksgiving dinner table.


There aren’t exactly turkeys, stuffing and cranberry sauce for sale in the grocery store. So, we made do with the best that we could!

Barbecue chicken, sweet potato casserole, Spätzle, vegetables, grilled pineapple, rolls, and apple turnovers in crescent rolls with Apfelschorle to drink.


We had the yummiest dinner. Then, we got to FaceTime all of our people in order to still be a part of everyones’ Thanksgiving meals. Being away makes me even more appreciative for time spent with friends and family, and Thanksgiving food in America.

Notice my flower vase! It’s the only thing I could find in our apartment to put the flowers in water. A coffee press. haha!

Well that is about it for now. We are super excited for what the next month holds. It is filled with lots of traveling and being reunited with our families! We are so pumped!!!

“Tschüss” – Bye


Caroline (just an American attempting to live in Germany)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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