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Update from Copenhagen

Wednesday evening I embarked on my journey to Copenhagen.

Charlotte to Chicago then a red eye flight from Chicago to Copenhagen.

I was a bit anxious knowing there would be multiple times that I would have to prove that I was allowed into the country to be reunited with my husband. I had a negative covid test, my positive covid test from March, Randy's health card, visa, and Towers contract as well as our marriage license and passport. I was prepared but still nervous.

I gave hugs, said goodbyes, check my bags and started to make my way through security. At the same time, Desmond Howard, Heisman Trophy winner and college game day analyst was also going through the same security line. My dad called out his name and did the Heisman pose for him, we had a good laugh, it also eased my nerves. Once I made it through security, my bag was being searched (because my Bible was a big book). At the same time Desmond's bag was also being searched. I told him I was a big fan and he asked if I wanted to take a selfie. He is a very nice guy and he doesn't even know how much I appreciated the diversion he was. I dream of having a job like his one day.

I had a smooth flight to Chicago then a five hour layover before I boarded my SAS flight to Copenhagen. All of my check points let me through with no questions. As I boarded my last flight I counted a total of 35 people in the boarding area. The plane was so peaceful and I was grateful to have an entire row to myself so I could attempt to sleep. After being served a Danish dinner I was able to sleep 6 hours on and off. Before I knew it I was over the ocean and landed in Copenhagen.

I had been waiting 2 and a half years to get back to this place.

To get into Copenhagen right now, you have to get Covid tested 48 before you leave the states and then tested again when you arrive. Then you are supposed to quarantine for 4 days and on the 5th day get Covid tested again. Since I had Covid back in March, I only had to get Covid tested to get on the plane to fly over. Once I landed I had to show my positive test to enter into the country and I was not required to quarantine.

Finally reunited with Randy!

We spent the afternoon unpacking my things then went to football practice. It felt so good to be back and see familiar faces the I hadn't seen in a few years. Such an awesome God redemption story to be back in Copenhagen with the Towers, we are so grateful!

While living in Copenhagen Randy has to get Covid tested 3 times a week to be cleared for practice and really do anything like go to the gym. On Thursday morning Randy got a PCR Covid test as his normal routine. He noticed that he wasn't feeling super great. He had taken a nap both Tuesday and Wednesday and that isn't really like him. While I was unpacking he mentioned that he didn't feel good and he was going to take a nap. When he woke up he decided he would go get a rapid covid test to just make sure it would be ok to go to practice (he didn't have the results from his PCR test yet, and wouldn't until the next morning). His rapid test came back negative and we went to practice as scheduled.

This morning Randy received his PCR tests results, it came back POSITIVE...

He is doing ok. He had a really bad fever last night but today is better. He's just tired and has a headache.

Randy talked to the Covid tracing department in Denmark and they said since he had tested both negative and positive they wanted him to go get PCR tested (again) just to make sure it wasn't a false positive, we will get those results back tomorrow morning.

Since we live with a host family and share one bathroom with 3 other people, we went to stay in a "covid quarantine hotel." They feed us 3 meals a day and we are allowed time to be outside to get fresh air :)

Grateful to be together, with wifi and I even brought a Copenhagen "paint-by-number".

The plan is for us to be here until next Thursday, unless his 2nd PCR test comes back negative.

Thank you for the prayers. Please continue to pray that Randy's symptoms only get better from here.

One day I want to write a book. We can't make this stuff up.

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