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Update from Copenhagen - Week 3

I have been super bad with blogging updates from Copenhagen. If you would like more of an everyday update, follow me on Instagram @cskschroeder - I story a lot :)

The last time I "blogged" Randy had just gotten Covid and we were in a quarantine hotel room. In Denmark, the rule with having Covid is if you haven't had symptoms in 48 hours you are able to break isolation. With that rule and Randy being symptom free, we were allowed to leave our quarantine hotel on Monday morning and Randy was able to attend practice at the end of the week and play in the game on Saturday! We were so thankful covid didn't hit him as hard as it could have!!

Once we were out of quarantine and settled back into our house, Randy found a bike for me on Facebook marketplace! Riding bikes is a way of life around here. There are stoplights for the bicycle lanes!

If you ask Randy, biking with me might not be his most favorite activity. I am slowly getting adjusted to biking so much, but it kicks my butt! The first day we got my bike we rode a total of 9 miles!!

Two weeks ago we had to run a few errands and stop by Ikea. This is what Randy looked like bringing home our Ikea "folding mattress/chair." He rode 3 miles like this & definitely got some stares.


We have been able to ride bikes and walk around Copenhagen as tourists. The city is so beautiful and will forever be one of our all time favorites!!

Saturday, May 22nd was game day and the TOWERS WON 38-13 against the 89ers! This was the first time Randy had played in an official game since October of 2018, when he won the Mermaid Bowl with the Towers. What a journey it had been to get back to this place. It was so great to be back with Towers Nation cheering them on to a victory!

Here is an article and a video recapping the game and featuring Randy!

Monday, May 24th was a holiday in Denmark, we rode bikes 5.5 miles to eat a picnic lunch by the Baltic Sea. Such a fun day with the best views! Really cool that we could see Sweden from the beach

Here is a link to a video of our trip to the beach:

On Fridays before game days, we try to make sure we have a low key day. We have become big fans of packing a lunch and finding a place to picnic. On Friday the 28th we packed a lunch, took the train into Copenhagen and ate on the water Nyhavn.

I will never get over this view!!!!

Last Saturday, May 29th, Randy and the Towers had their second game against the Triangle Razorbacks in Vejle, Denmark.

Denmark is made up of different "island"/territories. This past weekend the game was on Jutland, we live on Zealand. So we got to drive from Zealand through Funen into Jutland, these were parts of Denmark we had never seen before! The countryside of Denmark is so beautiful!!

The Towers won 44-13! Huge win & Randy had 4 touchdowns!!!

We can't thank you all for the love and support, it is felt even from afar!!

The Towers have a bye for the next two weeks, their next game is Saturday, June 19th!

The weather is finally starting to warm up here. Even the Danes were saying we were having unusual weather for May. It was 55 and raining almost every day. Now we are in the high 60s/low 70s and it has been consistently sunny! One of the oddest things and something I will probably never get use to is the sunsets. The sunset is at 9:45pm right now, which means it does not get "dark" till after 11pm and it is only going to get later!

This is a sunset after 10am on the Ise Fjord.

Thanks for following along!

-From an American attempting to live in Europe

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